Pitch Deck Design &
Development for Startups
A Pitch Deck is not only a slide show with fancy visuals but also a story about your startup with powerful content.
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We’ve helped more than 500+ startups to get leads with customers & meet with investors
Why Pitch Deck Design Service?
Fundraising can be easy
Investors are exposed to dozens of startups and their pitch decks every day. With a specially crafted pitch deck that tells your story and startup where your KPIs and unique value proposition are clearly formulated, you can get ahead of many others and get easily noticed. We can design & develop your pitch deck that helps to attract your next investor.
Reaching customers can be easy
Your customers are exposed to dozens of offers and proposals every day. They’re looking for a startup that can really solve their problems. We can develop your marketing & sales strategy and create specialized sales pitch decks for each customer segment of your startup.
Your Startup &
Develop A Strategy
It’s your story!
Before we get started designing your pitch deck, we listen to the story of your startup. (Actually, it’s your story!) We understand your business, your motivation, your vision and then discuss and develop your strategies and next steps.
Rework of Your Story & Develop Content
Strong Content
We create an outline, strong brand new content, and visual guidelines for your story. We discuss each slide one-on-one with you and agree on each slide. When we are sure that each slide portrays your story, vision, motivation and the message that you want to deliver, a reworked version of your pitch deck is ready for the fantastic design.
Develop Your Visual Story & Design the Pitch Deck
Bright and Powerful
After all content and strategy are set, we start to the visual design of your pitch deck. We create a bright and powerful design for your startup & story.
Our Process
Unique design for every slide
Powerful content in every slide
Our full-service team has over 10 years of experience developing pitch decks for startups. We help you to create slides that have a fantastic design with to-the-point content.
How can we help?
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